Strangelove Rough Pencils

I have been working on quite a bit of content for this comic book project and sharing across many social platforms to seek out some interest in this project.  I also find that I love sharing a lot of my behind the scenes progress that reveals how I may find an idea and actually sketch it out onto the paper and then maybe tighten those pencils up prior to inking or coloring and pushing toward the final outcome of the idea.


I plan to share a lot of this content here on this very blog!!  Please do not hesitate in commenting and letting me know what you think or asking if you have questions.  I also am interested in hearing what more you would like to see here through this blogging experience!!

Thanks so much for your support!! 



Strangelove Octopus..

This is my new comic book project.. I am doing all the writing and artwork.  This blog is my progress and behind the scenes stuff while working on this.  I just came up with this idea while on vacation and started off my art gallery with a bunch of car sketches I did on the ride back from Colorado.

Yes, I even work on vacation..