Rough Page Layout

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 1.34.05 AM.png

I have been working on roughs for the first sequence to my comic book story.  I have reworked this page several times and am finally getting to something that I like, and achieving something that works as far as effective storytelling.  This is a perfect example showing why I work the way that I do.  With roughs it is a lot easier to scrap an ineffective idea or page that is not executed properly when I have not put ten or more hours into it just to see that all the work I have put into the page doesn’t read effectively.  As the writer and artist behind the page I have all the knowledge of the storyline in my head but I need the reader to be able to see what is going on without that knowledge, so with an improperly executed page the reader can easily be lost in confusion as to what is actually happening within those panels on that page.

I am hoping to start launching this project very soon.  I have gotten far enough ahead with the introduction to this project in my head and roughed out enough panels and pages to begin working on actual finished work.  This project will be released in segments as I complete them and continue through installments of these sequences as I progress through the story.

I am very much looking forward to this project and hope that you are as well!!  I also am hoping that you are enjoying this behind the scenes progress content as an extra bonus to the project, as we are seeing it all coming to life!!  Thanks so much for your support!!


Strangelove Progress


Working on a Promotional Piece for the Strangelove Octopus comic project and figured I would share a work in progress shot as I am experimenting with inks and tones over my rough digital sketch.  I enjoyed how this was turning out as I felt I was pushing creative boundaries within myself.

I am having a lot of fun with this project and wanted to keep posting progress here for any of you following along to see this coming to life!!  Please let me know what you think in the comments and please share if you love this and follow along if you are interested in seeing this project come alive!!

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Rough Stuff


Ive been working on rough pages as well as rough sketches of characters and sequences that will make up this entire project.  I have been pushing a timeline of sorts as well that will help me organize all of these ideas and concepts to make the entire project.

I have been very excited getting to see it all coming together as I start seeing what the project is going to look like as I get these ideas down onto these rough pages and panels.  I am also excited about this process as it allows me to creatively push boundaries and experiment with what I may be capable of if I put my mind to it!!


I hope you are having as much fun with this as I am and please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see about how I am actually working behind the scenes to make this project a reality!!

Thanks so much for checking this blog out and thank you so much for your support!!

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Rough Page and Panels



I wanted to share the process from rough idea in my head to the actual rough page layout and then where it goes from there with actual panels and color experimentations. All of this is still very early in the project as it is not finished or published yet.

I do a lot of experimentation with the inks, whether traditional or digital or a hybrid, as well as varied colors and tones and have still been trying to find what results I want with the actual finished project.

Here are some of those experimental panels from the rough page I sketched out..



I hope you enjoy this kind of content as this is the behind the scenes content that I will be sharing on this blog as I work on this comic project.  If there is other types of content that you would like to see please feel free to drop a comment as well as let me know what you think about the project so far!!

Thanks so much for your support!!  

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