About Strangelove Octopus..

Strangelove Octopus is a comic book project that I have been working on and have rewritten and rehacked over the past few years.  Now recently I have completely overhauled all this content that has strained into varying tangents and sequences that are really all part of one complete story though I was creatively separating them into different titles and varying strains of similar concept that just really all needed to be driven in one complete project.

I do the writing and the artwork for this creator owned comic project and will be releasing content as it gets completed now that I have the direction I want to take this overhauled storyline.  This content will be released as I progress through the project and I will be sharing it all here along with a lot of the behind the scenes content that reveals how I get an idea out onto the page from rough to finish.

I have also launched a Patreon page where you can support this project if you would like to do so, though it is appreciated, it is not necessary.  You can find all the content here and you will never be forced to actually pay to read the progress of this project!!

(I am talking with a few editors so please stick with me as I seek for assistance through this project.  My grammar is on the rough side to say the least with non stop run-on and on and on.. )


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